firewire surfboard repairs

firewire surfboards
We are an authorised repair center for Firewire surfboards.
Services include vacuum bagged core-cell replacement, Balsa
rail damage, fin plug replacement and water extraction.
Firewire surfboards need to be repaired with the correct
materials to retain their strength. As with all eps cored boards any
minor cracks need to be repaired as quick as possible to prevent
water getting into the blank and causing further damage. If you do
ding your board in the water, get out as quick as possible and place
the board somewhere warm with the damage facing down . The air
expanding inside the board should push any salt water out and lead
to a quicker, less expensive repair.

firewiresurfboard repairs
Damage sanded out

vacuum bagging
firewire surfboard repair
Core-cell replaced, glassed, colour matched then
logo airbrushed back in.

Vacuum bagging new corecell patch

firewire deck before

Firewire deck after

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