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  1. This chapter longboard has suffered heat damage to the nose. The foam had compressed and the glass had split the nose and pulled and twisted the stringers out of line. There was only one thing for it and that was to remove the damaged section. New foam has been put in on one side and then the other side has been split down the centre of the blank and wedges pushed into the nose to get some shape back. This was then filled and the wedges removed.

    surfboard restoration

    chapter 1

    chapter 2

    chapter 3

    Now for the tricky bit, blending in the joins and staining the foam to match the old stuff before glassing. Let the games begin..

  2. When andy  called  to say that a ding guy had tried to fix his eps kiteboard with poly resin i had a picture in my head of what may have happened. When he sent me a photo of the damage it was a bit worse than expected. As well as melted eps the resin had been dripped all over the deck melting the laquered finish and the poly was so over catalyzed that i'm suprised it didn't catch fire.

    kiteboard 2

    After consulting the hound he reckoned it best to just cut out the sticky mess and start over.
    quality control

    Rawson after

  3. Frozen water pipes in the work shop....check
    Epoxy's taking an age to cure............check
    Two pairs of socks.................check
    Dog shivering...........check
    Forgot to drain the compressor and it's frozen..............check
    It's bloomin cold folks, roll on summer.

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